Medlink has been serving students for over 30 years

We are evolving to employ the latest research and technologies to ensure we offer the best service possible!

Shaped by doctors, students, schools and parents Medlink has served over 200,000 students who aim to become doctors.

  • When the UCAT (UKCAT) was launched it was Medlink that was chosen as the platform to announce it to the world.
  • Medlink held the first-ever UK exhibition that was exclusively for medical schools and medical students. Allowing students for the first time to walk a few steps from Glasgow Medical School to Brighton and Sussex Medical School. From Manchester medical school to St George’s in Grenada.
  • Medlink through its outreach has worked with a number of organisations to increase diversity within the medical school population. These include the Sutton Trust and Generating Genius.
  • Medlink is proud to have introduced students to some of the most significant figures in medicine such as Professor Lord Robert Winston a pioneer in fertility and known for his work worldwide.
  • As we move to face the increasing challenges of the 21st century Medlink will continue to evolve to support a new generation of doctors.
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